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Make Room....

Lately I’ve really gotten into house plants. I love the way they brighten up a room and bring a bit of nature and life inside, which makes me feel alive!

I have been apprehensive about plants in general because I’m not naturally blessed with a “green thumb”, but back in the Spring my good friend who knows a lot about plants took me to a plant nursery and bought this for me.

To be honest, I don’t even remember what kind of plant it is. I just know that it‘s a very hardy

and not easy to kill. Hello-my kind of plant!

I was so excited to bring her home and find the perfect spot for her to hopefully thrive, and thrive she did! I wish now that I would have taken a picture of my plant when I first got it so there would be proof of how much it has grown.

I have replanted her twice into a larger pot and she just keeps getting more and more bountiful.

Every time I see my plant I’m amazed at how well she’s doing. She’s perched so beautifully in the corner of the prettiest room of the house like she owns it. Like she’s always been there and the room has accommodated her.

I think about myself and my fellow humans and how so often we plant ourselves into this life of ours and either we’re too afraid to grow and take up space or we simply don’t know how to. As I think about my plant and her growth, I believe a large part of the success has been re-potting her and giving her room to grow. She intuitively knew that it was the next logical step. Almost like it was a challenge. I believe the same principles apply to us humans. We have to first give ourselves permission to grow, and change and flourish and then we have to put ourselves in environments, that allow for that growth. Maybe that means changing jobs, cutting out toxic people or relationships, or signing up for a coaching program, etc.

We humans are like plants. Given the right amount of sunlight, water, nourishment, and space we will thrive. In fact, we were BORN to thrive. And like plants, we need to remember that sometimes our growth is slow and not always obvious, until one day we wake up and realize it’s time to be replanted.

Be patient with yourself. Love yourself. Speak kindly to yourself, and most importantly believe in yourself. Know that you did not come to this earth to play small. When I look at my plant in my room I can’t imagine the room without her. That is you. That is me. That is all of us. This world needs all of us to grow, thrive, and take up space with all of our big beautiful parts.

Do one thing this week that will grow you and challenge you. There is enough room for all of us❤️

Happy Wednesday 😊


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